Soft Launch

I plan to post things on this site more frequently in the near future.  At the moment I find myself encumbered by an unfortunate piece of paper that denies me ownership of my work.  Not a good position for a writer to be in, right?  Try living with it for three years.

Whilst flipping through the pages of an old notebook, I discovered the following bit of doggerel.  It’s at least a decade old — well outside the scope of that annoying piece of paper — but it still amuses me, so I present it herewith until such time as I can offer a more timely and substantial contribution.

The Greatest Poem Muhammad Ali Never Wrote

I’ll drop Sonny Liston
Like a turd in my wallet
A non sequiturd
Is what you might call it 

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  1. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff man.

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