Boring Website Maintenance Update

Wanted to wrap up the week with a couple minor additions to the site.

To sew a button on my whole Transparency rant (which attracted a lot more attention than I expected), I’ve updated the Things I’m Doing page with elliptical stock-photo references to some of my current projects.  There will be more info in the future, but right now it mostly exists as a way to tell myself to get back to work.

I’ve also added a Blurbs tab. Wish I had a better name for it. Basically, this is a bunch of quotes from incredibly talented people I have worked with over the years. Would you like to know how brilliant CEOs. game designers, voice actors and others feel about working with me?  Here’s your chance.  (If you’ve worked with me at some point and would like to voice your opinion, get in touch.)

Finally, I’ve added a Consulting tab, which simply confirms that I am available for that sort of thing if that’s the sort of thing you’re interested in.

That is all.  Have a lovely weekend.

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