Things I’m Doing

I usually have a bunch of different projects vying for time and mindshare.  This page is where I’ll be listing actual info about forthcoming stuff when the time is right.  In the meantime, enjoy these royalty-free stock photos that allude to working titles, themes, and other aspects of these projects in amusingly (to me) oblique ways.

NB: Some of these ideas will doubtless die the death and be replaced by and by.


Interiors…nor dead of night…

You had one job...The Purpose-Built Life


AnnualThat time already

PressureThe bends

Heels Within WheelsTake the world in a love embrace

UnblinkingI’m so lucky that you’re mine

Size MattersYou are what you eat

Dirty JobWash this out of your life

Forests and TreesLast one out, get the lights

EliminationRecycling the empties