Guilty Party

I’ll get around to writing about this one as well.  For now, you’ll have to content yourself with these press quotes saying very kind things.

“The writing is genuinely funny (and delivered by a veritable who’s-who of great character actors)…”

– Slant Magazine


“The characters are inventive, the writing is witty and the presentation on a whole is pretty high class.”

– BitMob


“The game’s humor… also has the wry and wide-ranging smarts of a Pixar flick.”

– Blurt


“Disney has tapped into its expertise in storytelling to create this robust mystery game filled with quirky, hilarious characters.”

– USA Today


“Wideload has to be complimented for creating a new intellectual property with some serious character and style…. it’s polished to a shine, with some hilarious dialogue and clever design throughout.”

– Destructoid


“All of the characters are brand new, but they already seem to fit perfectly in the larger Disney universe. The Dickens family is most reminiscent of the Incredibles, but they have their own unique traits that set them apart. Great voice acting completes the package and really brings the characters to life. The game also has a nice sense of humor, with a Pixar-like quality where there are plenty of jokes for the adults as well as the kids.”



“Guilty Party draws you in with its infectious theme song, offbeat sense of humor, and oddball cast of characters.”

– G4


“Guilty Party is highly enjoyable in its endeavors thanks to a storyline that doesn’t take itself seriously and the likable characters that help develop it.”

– Nintendo World Report


“Everyone is wonderfully well-written and the voice acting is genuinely hilarious, a welcome break from the generic avatars in just about every other party game ever.”

– Joystiq


“You’re going to find yourself laughing at the funny dialogue and almost wishing the Disney Channel would take this and make it a Saturday Morning series.”

– Nintendo Okie


“The game looks great, plays great and, most pleasantly, has really wonderful writing. It’s genuinely funny.”

– ParentDish


“Guilty Party is tied together by a surprisingly sweet little narrative, that is at times clever, and at others a little more adult than I would expect out of Disney. The voice acting is pretty awesome across the board, and the writing helps support this.”


“Woah, Wideload’s Guilty Party is unexpectedly fantastic, like better than 99% of other Wii games fantastic.”

– Superogatory


“The end of Wideload’s Guilty Party for Wii is the best thing ever. It’s out Tuesday; you’ve got to see it.”

– Nick Chester