Hail to the Chimp

Despite what you might have heard, Hail to the Chimp got some decent reviews.  Someday I’ll flesh out this page with more stuff, but for now, enjoy these fab quotes pulled from actual reviews.

“The best multiplayer game out there that doesn’t involve fake plastic music instruments.”

– Chicago Red Eye


“A wacky concept, hilarious presentation, and highly competitive gameplay make this an experience to be shared.”

– TeamXbox


“A funny, frenetic fightfest…begs to be played by several players at once…makes you want to play again and again.”

– Chicago Tribune


“Dense with wit…brilliant…absolutely frantic…easy to recommend to anyone hungry for a game of its distinction.”

– McClatchy-Tribune Wire Service


“Great fun…more replayable than something like Mario Party….All you really need to know about is the concept — and the developers executed that concept quite well.”

– 1UP


“Hail to the Chimp is a fairly stellar party game, filling a niche which has been sorely lacking on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.”



“This just might be a sleeper hit for those who often get together to play games. It is funny, colorful, insanely enjoyable and fairly inexpensive.”

– Philadelphia Enquirer


“It’s definitely worth a play-through to see what comedic gems the game makers could come up with. So chalk one up for the Chimp.”