Stubbs the Zombie

I’ll have much more to say about Stubbs in the future, but for the moment here are some things some other people said.

“Stubbs has such a creative backbone that comparing it to Halo feels like it takes away from showing just how unique a game it is…  9/10”

– 1UP


“Stubbs is an absolutely hilarious game!”

– Gamespot


“Stubbs is an instant classic and should appeal to any gamer with even a slightly morbid sense of humor.”

– Gamespy


“An amazingly charming and well designed game… 9/10”

– Electronic Gaming Monthly


“Stubbs the Zombie is a fantastic tale of one downtrodden zombie’s quest to avenge a brutal death, to mend his fetid heart and to raze the city that defiled his burial ground… 9/10”